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Jeni grew up with a passion for sports and fitness.  She left school and trained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Going through tough times in her own life, she trained as a Yoga teacher, reiki Master and  NLP/hypnosis master practitioner. This all changed her life dramatically. She saw how changing her mindset and thinking habits changed her outlook on life, She then set about finding training that would help her change people’s movement patterns to change the way they moved, trained and felt physically and emotionally.  

She trained in Yoga therapy, Somatics, Yoga philosophy, mindfulness and life coaching. Now it is  her passion to help create change in mind and body for people that have aches, pains, injuries, disease, stress, anxiety, fears/phobias, feelings of unworthiness and addictions. You Can change them all once you learn to do things “differently”. She uses her unique blend of yoga, somatic, rmt, fitness, NLP, hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness to transform mind, body and life. 

Everybody is different, the way you move and think is unique to you.  So why not let me design  a program that is unique for your mind and body so the you can :

Move with more ease and strength, Feel more confidence motivation and self worth,

Live with more peace, happiness, freedom and success “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have got.” 

Do you run your mind or does it run you? Do you want to learn how to stop your mind and instead feel calm and connect to your inner peace? Would you like this to be come how you feel more often? Not let outside situations or people be able to make you feel stressed or anxious but instead learn how to focus on feeling happier, more relaxed, healthier, happier find more ease and joy in life?
Learn to move your body with ease, using therapeutic exercises, Yoga and breath control. You will eliminate/reduce your pain.
Learn how to relax, feel good not just for the weekend but to take home with you. Laugh, have fun and time for you to get away from the stresses of everyday life.
I help relax you into a state of calmness. You will always be aware and in control. In this state of you are able to learn new behaviours, quickly and easily planting messages into the unconscious mind.
Do you want to get fit, get over an injury, lose weight, play your sport better, move with more ease yet still increase your strength, stamina, core stability? Have you tried and not succeeded? Most people and trainers believe that pushing harder, faster will get them fit and achieve their goals.
So what’s mindfulness and coaching and how can it affect your life? As you grew up you created patterns of thoughts and beliefs, once you practice something for long enough it becomes a habit and what you believe to be “reality”.
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