Chakra - MeditationsIn Yogic thought Prana is the life force of everything, the primary creative power of the cosmos. The life in all trees, plants, animals, insects and human beings. It governs all your mental and physical functions.  The science of the breath in yoga is more than just about oxygen in and carbon dioxide out, your breath is your life and your vehicle for Prana. When Prana is moving freely throughout the cells and tissues, vitality and creativity are abundant. It is the Prana and breath that sustains the physical body.

Prana flows through channels called nadis. We have thousands of nadis. The rate and quality of our breath affects the flow of energy and therefore vitality and wellbeing of the body. The breath is directly linked to the mind, so our thoughts affect the breathand vice versa.  So if we can learn to control the breath it calms the mind, the breath becomes slow and smooth receiving more Prana and therefore the more vitality and wellbeing in mind body and soul.  As our mind slows we are able to control our thoughts, which control our emotions too. 

"That what we think, we become" Buddha

So when we control our thoughts we can co create our health, emotions and our lives. Situated along the spine we have 7 main energy centres called Chakras, at which the 3 main nadis pass. They are envisioned by the ancient seers as wheels of life force. Each chakra is represented by a colour and is thought to be associated with its own organs, major neural networks and hormonal systems, and vibration (mantra). Each centre identifies a core human need, when the centre is open the energy flows through the chakra and it allows you to meet those needs effortlessly. If there is a blockage in one area of the mind /body system the energy becomes stagnant. By placing our attention on the location of the chakra and sounding the associated mantra aloud we can activate the chakra. This concentration also helps us to focus and quieten the mind so that we can be guided by our hearts rather than the ego and find our soul purpose.

Base Chakra (Mulandhara)

Situated in the base of the spine. It governs your most basic survival needs. When the energy is flowing freely through this centre you can meet your core needs without struggle. Blockage in this chakra will tend to be experienced as anxiety and worry.
It relates to your physical body, the organs of elimination and the direction of life.
It’s related to the adrenal glands and sacral plexus neural network.
Its physical action is sexuality, mental action is stability and emotional action is sensuality.                   

Base Chakra (Muladhara) Meditation (Sit in an upright position)

Focus on your breath. Allow it to become an easy soft rhythm. Let the breath move up and down the spine, up on the inhalation and down the spine, relaxing the body as you do, on the exhalation.
As you inhale feel and imagine the body glow with energy as you receive prana, life force, notice and sense the energy flowing up through the spine lifting you up.
On the exhalation just let go of any tightness and tension relaxing you deeper and deeper with each breath.
Place your hands on your pubic bone and allow the breath to deepen as you visualize the colour red. Chant the mantra Lam (optional).
Allow your breath to ground you; start to allow the feeling of confidence to flow through you, see in your mind you acting, sounding and feeling more confident in your every day life in your future. Imagine and feel the energy, prana flowing freely through your base chakra allow the colour red to deepen with each breath and as you do you can notice noticing that you can feel and be more and more grounded and confident with each breath.
Inhale confidence and exhale anxiety worry and fear. Inhale vitality and wellbeing.
Continue for at least 5 mins and for as long as you have time for.
Then relax back to normal breathing. Notice and enjoy how you are feeling.
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