The sacral (creativity) chakra Svadisthana

The second chakra is associated with creativity in all its expressions. Situated in the area of your sexual organs(lower abdomen), and the energy of this centre can be used for biological reproduction.

When channelled with higher energy centres, it fuels the creative force that enables your creative talents to flow with ease and abundance. When your vital energy is flowing through your centre of creativity you co-create your life.

You are able to create new solutions to problems that arise.

When aligned with this creative energy, creation arises effortlessly.

An imbalance may bring obsession or unhealthy indulgence of fantasy.

It is represented by the colour orange.

It relates to the organs of reproduction, also the bladder and kidneys.

On an emotion level it works on your sexuality, relationships and creativity and joy.
Its associated with the reproductive glands and the lumbar plexus.
Its emotional action is joy.

Sacral chakra (svadisthana) Meditation

Sit in an upright position..... take all your awareness to your breath.

Allow the breath to become slightly slower, smoother and slightly deeper with each breath. (Never strain the breath) but allow the breath to move down into your naval where it can stimulate the relaxation response...

........Imagine and feel the inhalation moving up through the spine lifting your posture and energy as it does. As you exhale feel the body relax, shoulders, legs and jaw, any tension let it relax away with each exhalation .....

Start to chant the mantra Vam which will vibrate and clear the energy channels and chakra.

Place your hands just below your belly button, allow your breath to deepen as you visualize the colour orange, let your flowing deep breaths deepen and allow you to connect with your deep creative energy, sense that energy flowing into every cell of your being now, think of all the things that have been created in the world that were laughed at like flying an aeroplane, sending a rocket to the moon, there is limitless potential in this creative energy that in now flowing through you, receive more of this creative energy with each deeper slower calming breath, see in your mind all the things that you want to achieve and create in your life, and as you sense the energy and you see in your mind yourself achieving all your goals and more than you ever thought possible let the colour orange bathe your body and your creative expressions can arise effortlessly now in all of your life..... Keep focused only sensing, imagining, the essence and developing the feeling of this creative energy flowing deeper and more effortlessly now through you..... Soften through your navel and sense and observe the chakra balancing and flowing with ease.... Stay focused for as long as you feel comfortable.

Bring your awareness back to your breath .......let it become an easy natural rhythm as you come back to your physical body.

The more you practice this meditation the easier it will become and it can change the physiology of the body and re pattern the mind to become calmer and more creative.

“That which you think you become” Buddha

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