The Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura

The solar plexus chakra is situated in the just below the sternum (breast bone). It is represented by the colour yellow, corresponds with your digestive system, solar plexus neural system and the Pancreas.

It relates to your emotions, actions, power and will. It is the seat of your power in the world. When this centre is open and flowing, you are capable of translating your intentions and desires into manifestation.  A strong chakra can give good physical health.  Balance in the chakra gives the initiative and courage to persevere and accomplish great things through the heart and not the ego. A blockage in this chakra may manifest as excessive greed, overwhelming drive for personal power, excessive emotions and susceptibility to illness is a characteristic of a weak third chakra. Keep your life energy flowing freely through your 3rd chakra and the light and heat of your intentions will radiate into the universe. But remember that what you focus your attention on you receive therefore always ask for or think about what you do want not what you don’t want!!

The Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura) Meditation

Sit in an upright position. 

Take all your awareness to your breath, allow it to become and easy natural rhythm, keep it soft, encourage the breath to be low in the navel using the diaphragm........where it stimulates the relaxation response in the body ...feel ... notice the body can easily relax with each exhalation ......take a few more breaths follow the breath up and down the spine imagine and sense it as an movement of energy up and down and deeper down with each breath.... now keep your awareness on your breath as you now place your hands just below your sternum (breast bone)

.....visualize the colour yellow as you allow the breath to deepen. Chant the mantra Ram (optional). With each inhalation receive a golden yellow light into the chakra, each exhalation let it spread health and wellbeing through the whole body, allow the energy light to flow freely through the chakra now deeper and stronger with each breath,....... have a vision of yourself and your body in perfect health glowing and smiling......  watch as you let that softly become a strong feeling of vitality that bathes the body, as the colour yellow can become stronger with each breath think about all your hopes, dreams and desires, let them come up through the spine into the chakra bathed in yellow golden light and out into the universe empowered with courage, receive more breaths up though the spine with your intentions hope dreams and desires send them out through the solar plexus bathed in golden yellow light radiating into the universe like the sun,  watch them  like seeds in the silent energy of the universe, knowing they will manifest in your mind and world,...... now you are the power in your world creating and manifesting through the power of this energised chakra your life. That which you send out you receive back multiplied send out all you dreams and hopes and let go and relax. Imagine and watch your life and health change as you continue to breath and flow energy freely through the third chakra.

Continue for as long as feels right for you today.

Take it back to easy breathing and know that you just manifested your hope dreams and desires. The more you practice this meditation the more you can notice how powerful it is and how it works. Practice always sending out in your thoughts what it is you DO want only!

What your attention is on, is what you receive .... so if you want abundance, concentrate on abundance, not how much you do not have. The universe does not understand don’t, so when you think I don’t want to be poor it only hears I want to be poor.

Happy manifesting your hope and desires of you heart.


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