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Do you experience any of the following?

If so, they may be stopping you from moving forward or living the life you want?

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Fear
  • Trauma you keep reliving
  • Scared of the future
  • Low self esteem
  • Self doubting
  • Insecure
  • Nervous
  • Anxious
  • Fear of exams or driving test
  • Smoking
  • Over eating
  • Gambling
  • Phobias of snakes, heights, spiders, lifts, driving, crowds, small spaces

How would your life be if you could change all that?

How would your life change if you could feel or do what you wanted?

Just imagine!

Imagine how you would feel and how life would be if you could learn new feelings, behaviours and habits that enabled you to get rid of your current issue and they also helped you to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Feel more confident
  • Get motivated
  • Feel relaxed and calm
  • Be happier more of the time
  • Deal with ups and downs in life easier
  • Have more freedom
  • Look forward with excitement
  • Have better relationships
  • Get the life you want
  • Find more ease in your life

Most habits and feelings run automatically. They occur without thought, however, there are triggers that can set off certain thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits in the brain causing an immediate shift in mood or thoughts.

These "triggers" become unconscious habits. You may have tried to change them in the past with will power and not necessarily succeeded. Does that leave you feeling that you are "stuck" with that feeling, that is just the way you are and nothing is going to change it? But, if you can change the habit in the brain, in the unconscious mind, the changes can happen quickly and easily no matter how long you have had them.

Nothing is broken! We just occasionally require some "re-programming". Well NOW, you can do that!!!!! 

Here's How

Using hypnosis, I help relax you into a state of calmness. You will always be aware and in control.

In this state of relaxation you are able to learn new behaviours, quickly and easily planting messages into the unconscious mind where you won't even have to think about it.

NLP techniques are used to "program" new positive behaviours, habits and feelings into your unconscious mind, just like downloading new software onto a computer, the old "problem" is forgotten and new positive habits and feelings replace the old "patterns".

Now you can use what you have learned to feel good and then use the good feelings to motivate you and get the life you want. Have more confidence, better relationships, earn more money, better career, do things you never even believed possible and feel good about yourself and life.

Decide on a better life now!

Ring or email me for more information and to book your appointment and make the decision to get living the life you want Now. 

One-to-one Sessions

This is an hour and 15 min session of feeling relaxed and calm. The consultation is free. This is where we chat and I find out what thoughts and feelings are causing you concerns and stress. You will always be aware and in control. We will then practice feeling good and seeing and hearing how your life will change for the better so that by the time you leave you will be feeling better about your life. Most people notice that not only does their issue improve or disappear, but life in general becomes more enjoyable.

Consultation: Free

Sessions: £45

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I use NLP and hypnosis techniques in my meditation and relaxation events, yoga retreats and workshops.

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