Fitness mind & body coach

Most people and trainers believe that pushing  harder, faster will get them fit and achieve their goals.  

Thing is there is so much more to it.  If you are unfit, overweight, not motivated, feeling that you need to do more, me shouting at you and making you feel like you need to exercise till the cows come home will change nothing.   It may work for a while but then you will back because nothing has changed in your mind set or how your body is operating.  Why keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. First there is mind set.  Why Are you not achieving your goals, feeling how you want to feel or looking how you want to look.  You have beliefs that are in your way, they need to change. Then there is the way your body functions, you don’t just wake up with pain, tight or weak muscles.  

Let’s change your mind and body so you feel relaxed, yet strong, healthy, inspired and empowered.  

Here's How

Something in your body is not working or moving as it should.  Everything is connected so stress in the mind, stress on the body, restricted breath means you exercise and create more stress tension and pain not fitness, strength or stamina.  

My pt is very different.  I look at what in your mindset needs to change, what in your body is not functioning well, how are you breathing as a result of all of that and how can I then change it all so you unwind tension pain, move with more ease, gain core stability, real strength

And feel inspired to exercise instead of punished or not good enough or that you need to slog at it for the rest of your life.


Our One-to-One coaching sessions are £35 per hour with our home program. For 2 people the sessions are £40, and for 3 it’s £45. These sessions are about mind, body and life and how to reset, rejuvenate and realign.  Learn how the mind-body connection really works and how it affects exercise, nutrition and how to gain real strength and fitness that will lead to vitality, not injury or more tension.

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