life & mindfulness coaching
There is no prescription for everyone.
The life you have lived, your beliefs, desires, needs, likes, dislikes, preferences, life circumstances, goals, hopes, dreams are all your own, like nobody else’s.
You can read books, go on generic courses, follow diets, plans, work hard, stay disciplined, try to find your “willpower”, listen to what has worked for others and try to use their plan or way.
But the secret to YOUR success is unique to you. It’s all about your mindset.  That’s where my approach is totally different to anyone else’s I know. Because I understand that what works for me or anyone else isn’t right for you.
I will find out where you are, how and why you are there and then what’s stopping you and how to move you forwards in the direction you want to go. Not just to attain your goals but to build a life and a lifestyle that you want.

How can we help?
We will reprogram your mind, thinking, beliefs, Unravel your limiting thoughts and create new ones that will get you moving in the direction you want to go.  I don’t say achieve your goals because I don’t just want you to achieve one set of goals I want you to keep moving always towards new goals.
Not just to achieve but to feel how you want to feel, live how you want to live life and get what you want on the way. But with ease, fun and a sense of adventure rather than slog to get to a “goal”.  Because how many times before have you reached a goal only to find there are always more.  So it’s about enjoying the journey int he direction of more whilst having fun and enjoying life.  Yes, that is possible.
I will find out where you are where and what you want and build a program specifically for you.   This could include meditation, coaching, nlp, hypnosis, philosophy, mindfulness, yoga, fitness.
We will work on whatever areas you wish to.
Health, Wealth, Confidence, Finance, Hobbies, Relationships, Spiritual, Mental-emotional, Mood, Achieving, Fear, anxiety, worry and how to move to motivation, inspiration, ease, calm and happiness.
How Much is it?
Learn how to create a mind that works for you so that you feel happiness, confidence, motivation, ease, joy and then can live the life you want rather than try to get the life you want so you feel better because happiness and success are an inside job. As you feel it you WILL see and feel it manifest in your life.
For a 1 hour Session, it’s £50
For a 1 day Session, it’s £ 300 for the 6 hours
For 3 days, it’s £600 18 hours
To Book in 3 months, it’s £3500  (2.5 hours per week)
To Book in 6 months, it’s £5000 (2.5 hours per week)
For 1 years booking, it’s £8000 (2.5 hours per week)
You will have meditations to listen to that are specifically for you and home practice, that will make what you learn a way of life and a habit as you go.  Not a course that you buy and never do, you will change and change your life as you live the course and have fun.
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