Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation

Then you are in the right place.   Meditation is learning to focus your mind.  

It is not the outside world but your thoughts about it that cause your stress and anxiety or feelings of happiness, calm or excitement to name a few. Meditation helps your mind and body to feel relaxed and calm.  When practiced regularly these feelings become new habits and a way of life enabling you to leave your stress, worries and insecurities behind.  Instead of your mind running you , you will learn how to focus your mind and give it a welcome rest from continuous chatter and worry or anxiety. 

The benefits of meditation and relaxation are immense and extensive.  Using hypnosis I am able to get you relaxed very quickly and easily. 

As your mind relaxes, it encourages good feelings, which have a direct connection to your body and your health.

Relaxation & Meditation

I use many techniques to get you easily relaxed, then train your mind how to focus on how you want to feel and reprogram your brain and neurology so it becomes a habit that you feel that way more of the time.

As it is your brain/mind that controls everything in your body and life as you learn to relax so your health can dramatically improve to as well as your life.

By relaxing, meditating and learning to breathe again you will be able to find peace of mind, healing the body leading to “wellbeing” in life. As well as being able to create the life you want.

I run regular relaxation evenings that are £15 for 1.5 hours and £20 or 2 hours.

One-to-One Sessions

Whether you want to learn to meditate, relax, get rid of a phobia or a habit that is restricting your life, one-to-one sessions are especially designed for your needs.
The consultation is free, sessions are £45 for hypnosis and NLP or deep relaxation/meditation.

You will learn how to relax, how to breathe, how to meditate and use all these to create good feelings, calm, peace, happiness, confidence, success and wellbeing.

Relaxation and meditation are also used in my yoga one-to-one sessions, classes, retreats and weekend workshops.

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