My Yoga is therapeutic which means I am not just pushing you into postures but looking at how your body moves, and where you have tension, your tendencies that cause you stress and strain in the body and then how to move to unwind tension. This will help you move, feel, function and improve your breathing and revitalise your nervous system.

I use hypnosis (which is just a from of me being able to relax you, but you will still always be aware and in control) and NLP so that not only will you learn how to relax deeply and easily, but how you change how you think and feel at the unconscious level of the mind which can be permanent so even when you leave you will feel more relaxed, happier and more confident.
The great thing about a weekend is that the body and mind get a chance to totally unwind and let go.

“If not now, when?”


Learn how to relax, feel good not just for the weekend but to take home with you.
Laugh, have fun, time for you & away from the stresses of everyday life.
Reduce/eliminate pain, let go of strain and tension in your body to find your inner strength.
Reduce your stress, anxiety levels, increase your sleep,
no cooking or cleaning, no working or stress and rest and have fun.


RETREATS INCLUDE (they do vary)

Therapeutic Yoga sessions
Relaxation & Meditation sessions
Pranayama Sessions – learning to improve breath for life & vitality
Chanting, singing bowls
Free time to walk, chat & chill
plus other various sessions

No experience is needed, all abilities and everyone is welcome.  My retreats are friendly and fun.

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