Yoga, Somatic & RMT

Eliminate/reduce your pain, by unwinding patterns of tension, stress and anxiety. As your patterns of strain and tension unwind, your breathing, energy and wellbeing will improve. How your body moves is unique, but often it is the way that you move that can create your aches and pains. These sessions are designed specifically to unwind your body, release tension, enhancing core stability, strength and flexibility.

Therapeutic Yoga

Ease in your body, Peace in your mind, Inspiration in your life. Would you like to eliminate/reduce your aches, pains, injuries, anxieties, stress or insomnia?

Would you like to experience:

Better flexibility & mobility

Improved strength and stability

Energy & Wellbeing

Peace of mind, calm and happiness

Yoga Therapy is a technique using gentle movements and poses easing strain and tension, not creating it. My blend of Yoga therapy, Somatic and RMT, using gentle movements and poses easing strain and tension, by changing how you move and  creating new movement patterns that will enhance your core stability, strength, mobility, flexibility and balance. 


These sessions can be tailored to improve your everyday life, sport interests, or hobbies. This is because the mind and body are so inter-connected that working with the body will enhance positive change in your mind. I also work alongside Physiotherapists, Osteopaths etc., enhancing existing care programs.

So if you suffer from any of these conditions or complaints, therapeutic Yoga could help you improve your movement and your life.

Back pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Slipped disc, Neck or shoulder pain, Hip or knee pain, Frozen shoulder, Posture problems, Sciatica, Depression, Asthma, Injuries, Cancer or Tennis elbow.

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