"For areas to improve, I was working on finding that little bit of calm, improving energy levels and acquiring euphoria.

That feeling of calm keeps creeping up on me when I don't have the sense to look for it! And every now and then I get a positive sense of euphoria when I least expect it! Marvellous! 


Love Margaret

"OMG.... i feel fab!!  full of energy and ready to go........ thank you xxxxx"


"I am completely overwhelmed and grateful for this development. I am a total believer now for what is possible. And very, very grateful for Jeni's skill, her thoughtful and fun approach and her lovely spirit. I would easily and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change in their life."


"I now feel I have no fear, cares or worries."


"In Jeni's tranceformation training, you will learn about your unconscious mind and the emotions and stresses we hold there. She can help you release these unwanted anxieties in such an easy way it is amost an "it can't possibly work" thought. But it does and she also brings to mind what we really want from our lives."

Chrissie - about 2 Days of Tranceformation

"I was fortunate enough to be on Jeni's weight loss course. It was a very relaxing and stress free experience. Jeni managed to ensure that every participant was treated as an individual as each one of us had our own problems with losing weight!

With the strategies I took away from me from the course, I managed to lose over a stone in weight and I have maintained this weight loss without compromising my love of food and drink.

Well done Jeni!"

Julie - about the Weight Loss Course

"I have been attending Jeni’s Yoga classes for many years now, and still really look forward to them. Jeni is a very thorough teacher, she provides detailed instructions and demonstrates each movement well. Jeni has greatly helped me to improve my body awareness. I always feel good after the class.

Many thanks Jeni!"

Julie Ward x

"I have been attending Jenny’s Yoga class for 2 months and recently attended one of her Yoga days which included meditation, chanting and guided relaxation. Jenny has a talent for connecting mind and body and I have found my Yoga practice deepening even though I have practiced for over 6 years. Jenny’s relaxation and visualisations restore balance and harmony and I always leave her classes feeling a deep peace.
Her Yoga day was an extension of the classes and I found it profoundly healing. I highly recommend attending either her classes or days to everyone who wishes to heal stress in the mind or body or anyone who enjoys activities that add to a more positive way of life."


"Something happened. I am not sure how to define it but it was a moment of extreme desperation. I didn’t know what to do, where to go to and who, more importantly to turn to. I took a huge breath, a gulp of courage and sent a text.

I’d been ill previously, with a mixture of healing aids from conventional and more alternative routes. Some had worked, others hadn’t. In the midst of my illness, I had lost my real self. Partially cured, I found her, glimpses of my true nature. I longed to be complete, disregarding the internal pressures and fighting my way through a tightrope of negative emotions.

In short, I longed to be free. Once and for all.

My circumstances changed. With it, my past demons followed and arose again. My life became so stressful, so unbearable that I felt that I was on the brink of losing everything that I had worked so hard to leave behind.

And there, in a nutshell, is the crux of it. I didn’t need to work; I just needed to let go.

I struggled with an existence that relied solely on accomplishing a rigid routine. If the ‘list’ wasn’t accomplished, I became overwhelmed with guilt. I couldn’t see life for what it really was, which is a gift, living in the very moment of being, the present. I couldn’t accept the love that surrounded me nor could I ever contemplate liking, let alone loving myself.

I met Jeni through attending her yoga classes. I found her ways and methods of teaching illuminating, freeing and incredibly uplifting. In short, I felt free. And that was my aim; I wanted to be free all the time.

There is a much often quoted adage, ‘You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.’

It is true. It is truer than I ever thought.

I have met with Jeni three times. In those three sessions, I have learnt new ways of thinking, being and feeling. I am, with complete honesty, now, the real me. She has changed my life. And I totally mean it.

We have worked with hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. The former allows oneself to relax totally, using the subconscious as a way to work through previous habits and behaviours. The latter provides new ways of thinking and being. Jeni has given me new tools to cope with life e.g. meditations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), mantras and visualizations to name a few. Together, I am now able to release past negative thoughts and venture forward on the road to health.

It was easier. So much I easier than I thought. My brain was receiving the wrong messages about myself and life.

And because of that, I can now see why I am loveable. I can truly live from my heart, with my spirit. I am free to live my life and love others fully. Thus, I am inspired."


"I attended a 6 week weight loss course with Jenny at the beginning of the year. Not only did it build my self esteem and confidence but I also gave up chocolate using hypno-therapy and ‘tapping’ and haven’t touched it since! I have dropped a dress size and am more active now!! It was a truly amazing experience. Jenny has also helped me have confidence to undergo a medical examination which I was petrified off.

Jenny is an amazing girl, she has a wonderful outlook on life and is a brilliant teacher."

M. Pease,  

"About 18 months ago I was going through a very difficult time after Jenny very kindly offered me some NLP sessions, she helped me get things back into proportion, see life from a more positive perspective and regain my confidence and self esteem."


"Since my treatment I've been much more aware of the power of my thoughts and how they transpire into your life. Since this realisation I've been much more in control of my thoughts and therefore my life and great things are beginning to happen!

Thanks Jeni, for everything!"


"I was excited and really looking forward to Jeni's first  Yoga retreat.  I have been to something similar a couple of times before but not to Aylesford Priory which is a very beautiful location.  The room was basic, clean and comfy as were the showers and WC.  Food was plentiful and a nice social experience.

I took part in all the classes and experiences on offer which were so enjoyable, challenging and extremely relaxing.  I learnt skills and tried things I was convinced I could never do, I got deeper into postures than ever before.

Meeting new people and bonding as a group was another fabulous aspect of the whole weekend experience.  Jeni is a wonderful teacher, as we are all at different levels but all managed to participate fully, she also brought us together as a group. I think all of us were saddened when the weekend came to an end but we are all looking forward to future events with Jeni."


"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first met with Jeni, and like most people, I was a little afraid of the unknown. However, she made me feel immediately at ease and relaxed.

She didn’t ask me any intrusive questions, or try to judge me in any way. Simply by using her techniques she allowed me to focus on my own ‘barriers’ and fears. Once I had recognised feelings that had been lying dormant for many years, I felt empowered to move forward and take charge of my life.

One of the issues that we dealt with was my fear of flying, and although I havn’t put it to the test yet, I think I am ready to go and book a much overdue holiday………..!

Thank you Jeni"

Nikki C

"I have just arrived home at 10pm from one of Jeni's yoga classes.   I feel so happy and calm but with lots of energy, and feel 20 years younger than my 60 years.
She is the most amazing teacher and gives 100% to each and every session.   I have been lucky enough to enjoy her classes for several years, and have had lots of different teachers, but Jeni brings  an enthusiasm and energy that I just don't find in anyone else.
No matter what your standard she can give encouragement to do your absolute best.
She is good for body and soul.   Sessions with the singing bowl really make the heart sing and her relaxations are absolute bliss!
But her greatest virtues are her modesty and humility - a shining example of what yoga is all about!"

Margaret H

"Recently I found myself suffering some probably minor anxiety attacks, which culminated just before Christmas in making me push my blood pressure very high and giving me a very real fear of having it taken by a doctor, or myself. I was also feeling a general anxiety for which I could not really find any reason. The more I tried to control these feelings the worse they appeared to get.

I saw Jeni’s leaflet at the Larkfield Leisure Centre and decided to contact her for help using hypnosis.
I found the whole hypnosis experience amazing; it was the first time that I have ever sat quietly relaxed and without my thoughts roaming off into negative directions. After the session I left feeling far more content with myself and armed with the tools to help me combat any further anxious feelings for myself.
Jeni’s positivism, and ability to quickly see and explain to me why I have been thinking the way I have and causing myself anxiety has given me the confidence to know that I can change the negative feelings that I had into positive ones.
I am going to follow my session up with attending her yoga classes and would certainly have further hypnosis sessions if I feel that I need an extra boost."

Jackie J  

"I Visited Jeni as I was finding some issues too hard to workout on my own.  I had just had a baby and unfortunately a few things had not gone to plan.  I started to feel quite down, emotional and anxiety attacks crept up on me.  I was diagnosed with post natal depression.  My doctor advised me to go down the medication route but i wanted to get over my problems without pills, so i thought  I would see Jeni in case she could help me.

Jeni made me feel at ease and using hypnosis, NLP & EFT it was surprising how many feelings and negative thoughts i was keeping inside.

I felt so much better after just one session with Jeni, I walked out feeling more confident and with the knowledge on how to deal with future negative feelings on my own.

I thank Jeni so much for helping me understand my problems and giving me more confidence and positivity for my future."

Thanks Anon 

"I  went to visit jeni after i had heard how she had helped someone else to stop eating chocolate.  i was a bit dubious at the beginning, but wanted help as i knew my diet needed to change.  i would regularly eat a few bags of sweets and chocolate drinks each day, very often skipping dinner, but can say 5 months after having seen Jeni, after my birthday and Christmas and many children's party's i still haven't touched a single sweet or chocolate drink.  my diet is now so much healthier, i feel fresher and have so much more energy.  thanks Jeni x"


"Having just returned from the "Inspired in Life" Yoga retreat (June 2011) , I just want to say how wonderful the weekend was. Jeni, herself, is an inspiration and has an amazing energy that is totally infectious.The setting at The Friars, Aylesford, couldn't  have been better suited. I have enjoyed every minute of it, even the the more challanging bits and have come away with a sense of calm and well-being that I hope to be able to carry with me. Thank you so much, both to Jeni and the wonderful group of people who made this such a special weekend."


"Thank you so much for making the weekend retreat so enjoyable.  The whole experience - the beautiful, tranquil atmosphere of the venue, the healing of the relaxation sessions, the challenge of the postures, the insight of choosing the cards, the resonance of the singing bowl, the warmth of the people and the fun of trying new and forgotten things made the weekend fantastic. 
It made me realise that I can take time out to relax, stretch and reflect without guilt, and that doing so will help me to re-energise and re-balance, ready to cope with whatever comes next in the journey of life.
Thanks again and I hope to see you soon."


"Despite knowing from classes that Jeni always encouraged us to work to our own ability, I was dubious as to whether I would be "good enough" for the retreat.  I was proved so wrong.  Not just on ability, but the whole concept.  The retreat totally nourished the mind and body and created a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Total escapism from the madding crowd!

I would not hesitate to recommend a retreat, even if only for a day."


"I had a wonderful time at the June retreat. It was my fist time at a yoga class, everyone made me feel welcome
And now I'm hooked I love it, do much so I would like to book in for all the mornings and the September retreat."