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You can improve your health and well being

Do you want to stay mobile, improve your flexibility, health and well being?

As parts of the body become stiff, inflexible whether due to injury, surgery, disease or just wear and tear of everyday life, the body's does a very good job to compensate, you start using the wrong muscle for the wrong jobs.
Many Yoga classes try to "stretch" the muscles to gain flexibility but you have to address why muscles went tight or causing pain/discomfort in the body.
Often muscles become tight because they are holding on for another part of the body that is weak or not working as it should do, so stretching does not work.

My method of teaching is very different, I look at how your body is moving,what is stuck, what is weak, what parts are doing the wrong job and address this with therapeutic exercises and Yoga movements.

My Yogas mornings give you time to:-

  • Explore where you are holding or using tension
  • Learn how to gain strength so you can release the tension
  • Feel the mobility when the tension is gone.
  • How this releasing improves your breath and therefore energy.
  • Learn how to breath better to give you vitality.
  • How when you free the body from tension and find inner strength all your organs will function better and how improved breathing helps this too.
  • As you release tension from the body the mind is able to let go too so you will feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

We finish with meditation and a long relaxation.
I will use hypnosis and NLP techniques, you will always be aware and in control
But it will enable you to

  • Relax easily
  • To create new patterns and habits that will help you to feel calmer and happier in everyday life.
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel better about life.

All abilities, ages and gender are welcome. My method ensures that everyone works only at a level where the body is at ease.

My mornings are fun and relaxing, time for you to be you, and nurture your health and well being.

A light lunch is included.